Best Pharma Brands

InterbrandHealth announced the Best Pharma Brands at March 30, 2016. Best Pharma Brands is a Top 10 ranking of global biopharmaceutical brands, designed to measure the contribution of the corporate brand to business results. It’s a data-driven, science-driven report for a data-driven, science-driven industry, powered by the opinions of 1,900 healthcare professionals from around the world.
-Jane Parker, the CEO of InterbrandHealth


I participated in the first announcement of Best Pharma Brands from Interbrand. The healthcare industry is vastly growing, and at the same time they are trying to avoid the stereotypical, boring and strict design. I came up with the concept 'Revealing' by cutting and opening a stark white paper. It keeps its elegance and professionalism, while conveying the energetic vibration for celebrating its growth and debut of BPB. My role was to develop the concept and implement it into various platforms.
Thanks to Orna Navon (Creative Director of InterbrandHealth)