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So, where is my classroom at?

So, where is my classroom at?

It all started from a huge inconvenience during my school years. The school website was the only place where you can get updated information regarding your classes, and it wan't mobile-frendly. What happens if the school decides to change the classroom to another, while you are on your way to school? What if the professor gets sick? Another hurricane Sandy? Let's... not talk about it anymore. So I thought, why not create an app for the sake of the school, the faculties, the classmates, and myself? 

Let's face it. 
At that moment, the website is absolutely unclickable on the phone. It's a digital world, and we shouldn't be annoyed with constant outdated information. Since the school loves to send unsubscribable & irrelevant school-related emails to students, we need something that separates those spams and class-related stuff. Something that alerts updates and problems instantly. Something that has a calendar with detailed class schedules, due dates, and all the holidays. Something that helps the communications among students. 


Target : Students & Faculties of SVA

Insight : Inconvenience caused by a desktop-only website

Solution : An all-in-one mobile app

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